Lucinda Sayre
Fine Artist - Original Oils & Mixed Media Paintings

Lucinda's "Tree House" Studio

Each morning I wake to the joy of knowing my studio is just a few steps away. This spacious studio sits in the upstairs of my home.  I’m surrounded by windows on three sides which gives the sense of being in a tree house.  The floor is painted with the look of fallen leaves, the walls with nature’s colors.  I feel like I’m with nature all day long: paintings of “nature’s pathways” fill the room, birds perch on branches just outside, squirrel plays on the hillside, deer meander by, soft breezes drift through the window, and songbirds fill the room with song. 


I live nestled in the woods with my husband, noted artisan Thom and our home contains both my Studio and his workshop.  Our property borders one of the largest state parks in Vermont and is certified a

Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. A visit will make clear that we love feeding and providing unique homes and a natural habitat for our feathered friends. We also don't forget other wildlife, making sure to keep brush piles, decaying trees and hedge rows for them


Lucinda Sayre, Fair Haven, VT

Tel: 802-236-6756