Lucinda Sayre
Fine Artist - Original Oils & Mixed Media Paintings

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Beautiful work!!
Heather - 17 Nov 2023
Very nice.
Jane Dunn - 17 Jan 2018
Love your Turkeys! Well done! Congratulations on your acceptance to the artist in residence program in Colorado this summer. They know talent when they see it!
Nancy Syverson - 11 Apr 2017
We love living with your artwork. Every time people come to our home they comment on it! We really look forward to each new stage - Im especially drawn to the birds & birches against the darker background. Can't wait to see more!
Brenna Flanagan - 13 Nov 2012
Had the opportunity to see your wonderful Birch paintings last month at Long Lake. I absolutely loved them and hope to visit your studio in the future!
Claudia C - 5 Sep 2012
Thanks for taking the photo that I purchased for a gift. A piece of VT will now be in western New York! Pleasure meeting you and I'm glad my Dad is with such great artists.
Dan C. - 5 Dec 2011
I wondered on a road on Monday, taking pictures..When I try to start my car, it wouldn't start..I really didn't know where I was..I walked over to a house near by and found the nicest gentlemen I have ever met. What a sweatheart, I enjoyed my wait for triple A. Vic ,told me of your art work, he also, said; he loves and enjoys it so much.. I am looking forward to seeing your work at Art in the Rutland.. I live here in Rutland but, you will find me on the back roads or hikeing on my days off. Looking forward to meeting you. Reguards, Rebecca
Rebecca Fisher - 6 Oct 2011
Your work evokes a multitude of emotions. Glad we met.......Dolores
Dolores Park - 21 Jul 2011
Loved looking through your gallery. The photo of Thom with the snowblower is unbelievable! Good luck with your show on the 12th. Miss you, Peggy xxxooo
Peggy - 8 Mar 2011
Outstanding! You are an artist and an inspiration, capturing the importance of nature's gift.
Linda Sheldon Anderson - 19 Jun 2010
Nice site Joy
Bob Bruso - 22 May 2010
Steve Durkee - 5 May 2010
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