Lucinda Sayre
Fine Artist - Original Oils & Mixed Media Paintings

Vermont Artisan Frames

A unique compliment to a Lucinda Sayre painting is a custom made woodland frame.  Lucinda’s husband, artist Thom Bruso, designs frames in his woodworking shop, located at their home in the Vermont forest.  Using native woods such as maple, oak, yellow birch, ash or cherry or recycled wood from Vermont barns and old houses, Thom crafts an individual frame for each painting to highlight subtle colors and to enhance the quality of light in the woodland scenes.

Lucinda and Thom work together to create each individual framed painting. Sometimes the frame comes first, and the artists select a painting that looks perfectly at home in the frame.  Some of the wood used in the framing process comes from trees cut from Lucinda’s and Thom’s own land.  Native lumber is sawed and then air dried in Thom’s drying shed. When ready, the rough boards are inspected and the best boards are chosen for the art project. The boards are planed down, created into the chosen molding, sanded, assembled and then the final finish is applied. Each frame is in itself a work of art, providing a special piece of the Vermont woods to compliment the selected painting. No two frames are alike; each is individually designed and created by Thom. Sometimes a unique slab of wood or unusual knot will catch his eye and he will create a frame around this special feature of the wood. Thom is happy to work with a potential customer to choose and design a frame for your Lucinda Sayre painting that will fit perfectly in your home.